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The Rider by Glen Burkholder

I’m Glen...

My name is Glen Burkholder and as a Funeral Director my journey with the immortal began in 1983. I have enjoyed successes. I have wallowed in failure. I have grown, learned, and matured. Together we’ll explore the ins, outs as well as the beauty of this time-tested & proven profession of funeral directors. Who we are, what we do, and do we actually; eat and sleep?

For the record, Undertakers do live a normal life. 


For me...I have been married and nurtured two fabulous daughters into adulthood.  I have been divorced; a horrible hurtful experience, I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy.  I am married again.  I have been through such stress that death should be the only resolution.  For that, I am grateful that I am a coward.   I enjoy photography.  Most of the photos seen on this site are mine.  In addtion to my time in funeral service, I co-founded a charity known at Home Hospice Association.  My wife spear-heads that effort, but none the less I am proud of my contributions to that effort!  Lastly, my Harley is my sanctuary.  I have ridden motorcycle for over thirty five years. The gift of the "experience" was provided to me by my best friend Tim. He encouraged me to buy my first bike and taught me how to ride it.  For years, I swore I would never buy into the "Harley Davidson" culture and today I am not sure I would want any other bike.  It is my personal freedom and for that I regret winter. 


To reveal my vulnerability is like a double edge sword.  It is a risk to my reputation, yet therapeutic to my soul.  Frankly, what anyone else thinks about or says about me is really none of my business.  The character, Popeye says it best..."I  y'am what I y'am and that’s what I y'am!"


Welcome to my memoirs of growth. Welcome to “Eternity’s First Week”.

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